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Photo by Oliver Suarez

Photo by Oliver Suarez

Marvin “Marvelous” Sonsona, one of the fighters that is expected to keep Philippine boxing in the forefront for years to come, suffered a devastating defeat against Wilfredo Vasquez Jr.

With the win, Sonsona had the chance to be the youngest Filipino to win two titles in two different divisions, but it wasn’t meant to be as Vasquez Jr. was just as hungry to make history.  Now, Vasquez Jr., along with his father, becomes the first father and son from Puerto Rico to become champions.

This fight was expected to be competitive and action-packed, but after the first round, it was all Vasquez as he stalked Sonsona and punished him with vicious body punches.

In the first round, Sonsona showed that he clearly had the advantage in speed and quickness as he landed more punches and was able to get away from Vasquez effectively by using lateral movements.  But after the first round, Vasquez took his father’s advice to concentrate more to the body. It proved to be the major factor in the fight.

Vasquez also smartly took advantage of Sonsona’s tendency to keep his hands low. As Vasquez started to land his left hook to the top, it opened up Sonsona’s body, which the former kept punishing, especially when he got Sonsona on the ropes.

Vasquez also showed his advantage in experience as he took his time in breaking down Sonsona.  He never put himself in a vulnerable position as he remained calm and never became too aggressive, even when it seemed that he hurt Sonsona.

Then in the fourth round Vasquez, the much stronger fighter started to force his will on Sonsona as the latter spend most of the round backing up and throwing weak jabs that was unable to hold off Vasquez.  Vasquez then as cornered Sonsona on the ropes and landed a left hook to the left side of Sonsona.  Sonsona was still able to throw a punch, but on a delayed reaction dropped to the floor and was unable to beat the count.

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  1. fan Says:

    Marvin Sonsona had been fighting super flyweights. That fight showed what Marvin Sonsona looks like against fighters his own size.

  2. JOE Says:


  3. wunderkign Says:

    He lost to one Puerto Rico’s good fighter. No doubt about it. Varquez Jr. could be a great fighter. For Sonsona you still have a chance. you are still young at 19. Your body looks so tender compare to Vasquez. No disrespect to Vasquez but Sonsona has tone more his body. Viva Peuerto Rico. Mabuhay Pilipinas. Mabuhay ka Sonsona at sana ipagpatuloy mo ang ang hilig mo sa tamang paraan. Discipline in training like Manny and other boxers is the key.

  4. wunderkign Says:

    At Joe stop with your baseless accusation. You’re acting like Mayweathers. Read other article and you will see that even Schaefer is not happy the way Mayweather Sr. talk as is saying they have to move on. Which is as good as saying “Stop with baseless accusation.” The issue is in court now. If you have something to proof bering it on. otherwise stop your nonsense and insensitivity.

  5. wunderkign Says:

    I mean if you have something to prove bring it on…

  6. Gil P. Acosta Says:

    There is no one to blame but the trainer. Morales and Sonsona suffering the same fate? who is the common denominator? They have the same trainer: Donaire Sr.

  7. sympathy4apathy Says:

    Morales then Sonsona … who else? sadly it will be Ana Julaton… bet your stick.

  8. cjay Says:

    do you guys know the similarities between sonsona and ciso morales?…….. they have the same trainer

  9. pinoy jay Says:

    sonsona is a fool..u lack discipline..ciso terrible lacks the heart of a champion..hey you guys and all other fighters who want to follow the footsteps of manny and gerry, please, know what discipline means..you fools..remember, u are bringing the filipino flag in every fight…dont fight if u do not know boxing…

  10. batang-gapo Says:

    I think the Sonsoma team like to get as much money as they can too fast too soon. This is not the fight he should be doing after the last one where he lost his title. The kid is too young and not too many fights. A money fight after that lost in Canada is not the one for him.

  11. Wapakman Says:

    Sonsona and Morales I feel were forced to take fights that both are definitely not ready. They both are young, inexperience and their body needs more muscle definition. Ala “Bruce Lee”, says Lee, you better work every part of your body prior to fighting my friend or your going to lose!
    It good they both were tested out early in their young careers by the GM so we know where they stand.

  12. Ruben DG Says:

    Here we go again, a young talented but inexperienced Filipino boxer was served to the lions den to build-up the career of the son of a Purto Rican boxing legend. Why is that? These money hungry promoters and handlers of Sonsona should have known that Sonsona has no chance of winning a fight against a legitimate super bantamweight (122 lbs) like Wilfredo Vazquez Jr considering that Sonsona just move-up 2 weight divisions from super flyweight (115 lbs.) and has never fought even at 118 lbs. bantamweight division.

    Sonsona is touted to be a power puncher but this is obviously true only at super flyweight and to fight a legitimate super bantamweight who is also a power puncher is the most stupid thing a boxing promoter and handler can do to a young boxer. If Sonsona wish to redeem himself after this humiliating defeat, he must first fire his handlers and look for a good promoter and handler like the ALA Boxing of Mr. Aldeguer in Cebu City.

  13. Gabe Says:

    Truly, I think the blame should be on the trainer. And yes, the common denominators are Donaire Sr and promoter, Sammy Gello-ani for being complacement with Morales’ and Sonsona’s weights…

  14. RoidFloyd Says:

    The Philippines is desperate in looking for a Manny Pacquiao successor. Sorry, it ain’t happening, at least not in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, but like Freddy Roach says, “you will never see another Manny again, at least, not in our lifetime.” With the impending Penalosa retirement, and Manny’s inevitabled departure from the sport, every fighter that I’ve seen fight, aside from Z Gorres’ last fight and Brian Viloria’s valiant stand, the others have yet to capture my imagination. Morales and Sonsona have obvious faults in their skills, and probably with their dedication, coupled by questionable management and trainers. It doesn’t seem that the present lot will be able to carry forward the Philippines’ current boxing successes.

  15. bojongboy Says:

    vasquez become the champ because he train by former champ vazquez sr, may be sonsona should follow the same path as vasquez and the according his nick name, he should train by the real marvelous: marvin hagler.

  16. ricardo Says:

    sonsona fought a stupid fight, period! what was he thinking when he started doing the rope-a-dope? he thought he was ali or pacquiao? he fought a superb round one, so his corner should have advised to keep it that way? why did he suddenly stop and allowed himself to be cornered, effectively negating his height and reach advantage? do these people even get coached in their corners? that was a pathetic sight, it betrays the fighter and the trainer’s ignorance and stupidity!

  17. ricardo Says:

    another thing: what were they thinking bringing the fight to puerto rico, against a puerto rican, with one puerto rican judge and a puerto rican referee? did they really think they could win? the way is see it, that boy vasquez is just an average fighter, at best, but we were the willing victims: for a little cash, we (especially sonsona’s greedy handlers) led him to the slaughterhouse and helped prop up the career of wilfredo vazquez jr. by fighting a stupid fight.

  18. Roel Says:

    He’s just an over rated boxer!!!

  19. Lewie Says:

    Sonsona doesn’t know how to use his reach advantage. No job, just looking for that big left of his.
    Very awkward looking. Beside both being a Filipino, the other thing common with the two fighters is Donaire Sr.
    Its good Junjun Donaire fired his dad off his team.

  20. wunderkign Says:

    Sonsona should see another trainer. i.e. Freddie Roach and manager/promoter as well.

  21. lowell Says:

    Sonsona is a good fighter, but lack of discipline on training no one to blame but he himself and his trainer/coach who has a big responsibility for the fight.

  22. titing tigasin Says:

    ang yabang mo kasi pare puro ka potak ng potak para kang powet ng manok.hwg kana mg yabang na magaling ka.tsupain mo nalng ako

  23. jeoffre karl Says:

    sonsona need more experience like ceciso morales. they first more fight before they fight for the world title. The build of sonsona is like a boy he need more big muscle in order to be more strong.His fight for 122 lbs is clear that his punches is not strong to hurt the opponent so he need to go down in weight class. For morales he’s young to fight for a world title and he need more decipline in training as we well know 6 days before the fight he is over weight by 6 lbs. if both boxer are want to become pacquiao they should focus on decipline first and the speed, determination, staminna, combinition of foot work, and job with different angle.

  24. Jon Says:

    It is just very apparent right now who needs who and who’s using who.Obviously,Gayweather can’t stop talking about Pacquiao after ducking one of the all time greats.For sure Gayweather did not have any intentions of fighting Pacquiao in the first place. He fooled the world that he’s got the balls to be manhandled by Pacquiao.W/ regard to his comment that Pacquiao is a liar because he is a foreigner,THIS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY BY ALL CULTURAL MINORITIES IN THE US.MAY YOU BE A BOXING FAN OR NOT. FLOYD’S BADMOUTHING HAS GONE TOO FAR.THIS IS AN INSULT TO ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE US WHO HAVE FOREIGN DECENT. FLOYD IS A SHAME TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. ALL MEXICANS, FILAMS, ASIANS, EUROPEANS, AND EVERYBODY WHO RESPECT RACIAL DIVERSITY, LET’S ALL UNITE AND TEACH THE MAYWEATHERS THE LESSON THAT THEY SHOULD’VE LEARNED IN GRADE SCHOOL.BOYCOTT MAYWEATHER’S UPCOMING FIGHT.DON’T WATCH HIM ON TV.THIS WAY, HE WILL REALIZE THAT RESPECT SHOULD BE GIVEN EVEN TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO CALL FOREIGNERS LIARS!!!

  25. Jake Says:

    Your a fucking asshole joe

  26. '..Money Pacman ! Says:

    ‘..sonsona is a pucking fighter ! .. lack of discipline ! especially in training! i watched news and Chino trinidad ! knows why sonsona kiss the canvass when he fight Vasquez ! .. im shock when Chino pointed that sonsona drink alcohol even in the training ! like to hangout every night !and day ! .. so blame him ! he wants to fight but actually not ready because at early age he alrready abused his BODY ! .. your a boxer man and u should know this ! .. u carry the FLAG and Reputation of the FILIPINO whenever u step in the RING ! .. u motha pucker ! .. SHAME on YOu !

  27. hjfhj Says:

    dapat sa marvin sonsona wag k ng mag boxing kahiyahiya ka hindi ka man lang nagpakita ng magandang laban… ito tandaan mo hinding hindi ka sisikat sa boksing…

  28. Speaking with Sense Says:

    The boy lacks discipline. He has to be literally and bodily pulled by his manager for him to begin training as he was busy with mundane activities and luxuries.
    Early success got into his head, and his devastating loss should be a wake up call.
    Pacquiao himself suffered the same fate in his second loss. He made up for that foolishness of youth and look where he is now. Here’s hoping that Sonsona could see the light of day and make amends with his sense-jolting loss. This remains to be seen, though.

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