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“At this particular time, Floyd Mayweather is taking probably a year off, a couple of years off, from the sport of boxing. I don’t really know what the future holds for Floyd Mayweather at this particular time, but, you know, I can probably take a couple of years off,” stated multi-division champion Floyd Mayweather during an interview last week while working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As Mayweather spent time with Armando Carral, an 18-year-old with Hodgkin’s Disease whose wish was to meet the undefeated fighter, Mayweather nonchalantly broke the news.

“Like I said before, I’m taking a couple of years off. Our main thing right now, at this particular time, is spending one-on-one time with him because that’s the main thing that counts right now. No fighter is more important than Armando at this particular time,” Mayweather replied when a reporter informed him that Armando wants to see him face Manny Pacquiao in his next bout. The timing of the announcement seemed odd, however, as there have been several reports hinting that representatives of both he and Pacquiao were secretly working towards a mega-fight to take place later this year. Not to mention, one would think that Mayweather would use a much bigger platform than a short Make-A-Wish Foundation interview in order to reveal his plans to take another extended hiatus from the sport.

Although Mayweather’s recent comments seem like just a negotiating ploy, it would appear as though he’s in no rush to step inside the ring with Manny Pacquiao any time soon. When asked if he had any intention of fighting again this year, Mayweather reiterated, “No, absolutely, I’m taking a couple of years off, yeah, away from the sport of boxing and devoting my time to my boxing gym and just giving back, as far as feeding the homeless and doing things that’s very very positive, and that’s what we like to do at the Floyd Mayweather Foundation and of course Team Mayweather.”

After speaking with several sources in Las Vegas who have close ties to the Mayweather camp, it looks like there is indeed a very real possibility that Mayweather will sit out the remainder of 2010. “Nah, he ain’t retiring for no two years. But if Floyd don’t get the money he wants, he won’t be fighting anymore this year,” one source admitted. Another source commented, “After what he did to Shane, Floyd left no doubt about how good he is and he wants to be paid accordingly. If he’s not paid what he deserves, he’s got no problem sitting out the rest of the year. I highly doubt there’s anyone that Pacquiao could fight that will generate bigger numbers than Floyd.” Considering that middleweight champion Sergio Martinez is probably the only other viable option for Mayweather should a fight with Pacquiao not get finalized, sitting out the remainder of the year would be the likely scenario.


  1. chaz genova Says:

    I’m sure the fight will eventually happen….A fight for the ages…Let’s get it on!

  2. Huna Says:

    The Biggest payday for both Manny and Floyd is each other. It will generate 3 Million PPV Buys easily thereby doubling the Money he made with Shane. Mad Props to Manny for dispatching ARUM to get this fight made, even caving in to Mayweathers testing demands. If Floyd doesn.t step up by the end of June and accept a NOV 13 Showdown with Manny, Then Floyd is scared and BWAA becomes Validated for Awarding Manny and not Floyd for the fighter of the Decade

  3. Chicago guy Says:

    Another strategy of Floyd jr. to find out what will be the reaction of Bob Arum and Pacquiao camp. If Floyd jr. sees something that they are chasing him another bullshit demand will come out from his big mouth. Let Floyd jr. go out from boxing and let us move on to other credible opponent.

  4. myk.. Says:

    “After what he did to Shane, Floyd left no doubt about how good he is and he wants to be paid accordingly. If he’s not paid what he deserves, he’s got no problem sitting out the rest of the year”.

    excuses!!!excuses!!!and more excuses!!!

    for God sake, he’s not the only boxer who defeated mosley. The late vernon forest KOed the young and prime mosley big time; cotto also whoooped mosely ass and other fighters beating mosley in his prime but did anybody hear that kind of statement?

    And now that a great one (as what only himself w/ handful of disciples in the media was claiming on top of their lungs) waiting mosley until he turns 39 yrs. old and have mosley’s blood sucked a day later than his on their (fixed)fight, claiming to paid accordingly.

    Is that really the reason? ohh..i remember, i heard manny will retire at the end of 2010 after his last fight in November and Floyd will not mind to sit in the rest of the year 2010? What a coincidence!!or is it???well, your guess is good as mine

    If floyd will be paid accordingly based the on the way he fights? he can’t get more than what peter buckley could get every fight.

  5. randyboy Says:


  6. myk.. Says:

    f floyd will never grow his balls to fight manny and retires for good TODAY, every tiniest achievements he gets from boxing will surely be forgotten completely TOMORROW. He’ll be FOREVER be remembered as the most coward boxer of all time, better for him to be castrated so that he can bear a child no more. It will be unfair for his child to inherit such humiliation. And he doesn’t deserve any amount of respect even from a child of his own.

  7. pit Says:

    i think mayweather takes only 1 year off. he’s just waiting for manny pacquiao retiring.

  8. Pacland says! Says:

    Floyd broke his brittle hand because of xylocaine use in the last fight?….now he wants 2 years off to heal the broken hand…

  9. wahpak Says:

    Floyd is Floyd…give him and his team credit for not fighting pacman without any reason than their famous lame excuses of a-meth or whatever. i can understand mayweather fans for supporting him all the way. that’s what fans are all about. knowing the truth won’t hurt them than seeing their dreams shattered of having FMW finally out for boxing when having finally it’s supposed to be 1-loss record. I mean, that’s the only title he can maintain that’s why starting this period, no belt title is significant for him. The easy way out, i applaud him for that for all his worth hehe :D

  10. ARMAN Says:

    Please let the chickenman retires without fighting the PACMAN.RUN CHICKENMAN RUN….

  11. Bret Says:

    As we all know, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is scared to lose, he picks his opponent, always craving for more cash, afraid of fighting threatening boxers like the new WBA Super Welterweight champion Miguel Cotto, another dirty fighter Antonio Margarito, and the #1 Pound-for-pound King and his greatest fear Manny Pacquiao.

    Remember that Pacquiao easily defeated 2 of Mayweather’s former opponents who closely gave him his 1st defeat. Also gave more knockdowns to Marquez in one fight. And defeated Cotto, Morales, Barrera.

    That’s only some of the reasons I thought why Mayweather is really scared to fight Pacquiao.

  12. dezzie Says:

    Chicken Floyd get back to your coup

  13. floyd mayweather jr. Says:

    i will retire and be fit for 2 yrs while pacman balloon to 200 pounds then i will fight him after 2 yrs at 147. Just what i did to shane, i waited till he is almost 40 before i fight him. This is my strategy and it is very effective. That is why im undefeated.

  14. tangakatalaga Says:

    Cowardly act of this abrupt retirement, must accordingly pay him with less than nothing should he ever fight again.

  15. jocjoc Says:

    I think floyd will not get the same amount he will get fighting someone else and not manny. so let this fight happen….

  16. kfineyouw1n Says:

    Ok if Floyd doesn’t get the money he wants fighting Manny Pacquiao, how does he expect to get the money you want fighting anyone else. Sergio Martinez is gonna do that? Please…. I’m tired of the excuses.

  17. Terry Acuna Says:

    Forget about this Black Chicken. Let’s hope for Pacquiao vs Cotto 2 @ 154 so Pacman could retire with 8th division crown.

  18. Pacnuther Says:

    Floyd can still make money selling deep fried chicken called “Kenducky Fried Chicken”. Or fight Pacquiao and make easy money by getting his ass whooped.

  19. Ron-ron Says:

    Sir QUITS-A-LOT Mayweather is doing his girly thing again. If he ducks Pacquio again he does not deserve to be in any discussion with boxing’s elite fighters ever. He does not even deserve to be in the same sentence with Paris of Plaster blaster Margarito!

  20. rich hanes Says:

    If the fight don’t happen, there’s really nothing to worry about the potential money that the fight will generate - they will just remain in the pockets of the millions of people. And yeah, I would rather see those people enjoy their money on something else rather than go to Floyd who will just gamble them away.

  21. Pacnuther Says:

    Floyd had lots of problem fighting a lefty Zab Judah. The only way Floyd won that fight was Zab did not have the heart to finish. It is probably a reason why Floyd does not want to fight Pacquiao. Another lefty, punches in bunches with raw power and a mammoth heart to go along with. Pacquiao will end Floyd’s big mouth once and for all when they meet in the ring.

    Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=din0rds-EfI

  22. Bobo Says:

    Mayweather is just being true to his cleaning up the sport crusade. He is removing himself from it.

  23. RoidFloyd Says:

    Floyd got booed at Staple Ctr watching da NBA finals. PAC got a resounding ovation walking into Yankee stadium for Cotto - Foreman. The fans really know who is ducking who!!!

  24. Jimboy Says:

    fucking retard, stupid moron.. and if you believe this shit, your worse than him!

  25. CLOWN Says:

    this clown is using the foundation for not fighting manny pacquiao

  26. ampatuan army Says:

    When asked if he had any intention of fighting again this year, Mayweather reiterated, “No, absolutely, I’m taking a couple of years off, yeah, away from the sport of boxing and devoting my time to my boxing gym and just giving back, as far as feeding the homeless and doing things that’s very very positive, and that’s what we like to do at the Floyd Mayweather Foundation and of course Team Mayweather.”

    So people!!!how you understand this statement coming from floyde??? Is the word ABSOLUTELY means hype to you???

  27. taeintsik Says:

    Pity to those who root for PBFjr. They just won’t see the clarity of the issue: that PBFjr is scared of Manny. Any excuses given by his team and fans are and will always be ridiculous.
    And what’s more: PBFjr is a spoiled brat that grew his ego through his minions, promoters and legions of those-who-paid-to-see-his-fight fans.
    A very funny and idiosyncratic journey of boxing’s greatest coward of all time. Same can be said of his fans. Pathetic.

  28. Lindsay Says:

    This is mayweather’s strategy he knows that the Pacman won’t be able to train while he is in congress and in two years of inactivity the Pacman would have gone soft and would be easy to deal with, while he has no other things to do but train everyday like he what he did when he retired the first time he did retire but never stopped working out, he would fight the Pacman when the Pcamn has already gotten soft from inactivity(from boxing that is because the Pacman is never inactive, he is a congressman, actor, model etc. but in two years iof inactivity he would’ve lost his edge.

  29. JonB Says:

    Little floyd runs again!!! woooh that’s an old trick of floydy to chicken out.. =)

  30. betz Says:

    Examine the personality of a person first before you believe and what is Floyd’s personality???.. i believe a true giver is not a greedy person.

    Floyd loves to be in the limelight all the time. If he is sincere of what he is doing, he does not need any camera or any publication to do it. Take out the camera and I bet he’d rather spend his time in the casino together with his gangmates.

  31. robert Says:

    floyd is the most annoying person in boxing. makes your blood boil whenever he opens his mouth…..

  32. Armando Carral Says:

    For me Floyd will always be my number 1. Though Pacman is the P4P KING, my idol Floyd will always be the P4P QUEEN..

  33. donromantiko Says:

    C H I C K E N ! ! !

  34. Baput pinoy Says:

    if floyd will fight other than Manny Pacquaio, it will not a good buy because of his reputations that is being ruined by his own arrogance and trash talking. go floyd and fight whoever you want. only people who wants to be fooled by you will watch it. you are boring to watch anyway. you are a one dimensional fighter. Manny will detach your shoulder from body if you do your shoulder roll

  35. Graveshifter Says:

    If Floyd’s arrogance and filthy mouth do not end in the hands of Pacquiao, it will surely end the other way - like what happened to agapito sanchez, corrales, or valero. With that looming around, he won’t enjoy his money. Karma has to chase this CHICKEN wherever he goes and the only way he can pay back is to get knocked down by the person, who’s reputation he’s been destroying.

  36. paparox Says:

    To all gayweather fans, please stand up and encourage your duck to fight our hen..Believing floyd means your accepting yourself to be called as an idiot too.

  37. pikon Says:

    floyd’s big ego would prevent this fight from happening!…he wants to take advantage of pacq in the negotiations!

  38. wbox Says:

    Pac - Cotto TKO 12
    Pac - Dela Hoya TKO 8
    Pac - Hatton KO 2
    Pac - Floyd TKO 0

  39. Pacfan Says:

    This is just another lame excuses by Floyd Jr. The fight between Floyd and Mosley was scripted. Mosley could’ve done better than the previous fight against May Jr. Also since both of them are under GBP, who knows what went behind the curtain.

  40. jtarake Says:

    three reason why gayweather dont want to figth pacman,first he want to figure out what strategy to counter the attact of manny,second i think gatweather have a injured hand, he want to heel first.third, if pacman will sit in congress, pacman will very busy in lower house then the good guy manny will ballon to 160-165lbs then that the time gayweather will call the figth. he(gayweather)secretly condition herself a few months or year untill he knows when he ready to figth pacman.

  41. Pagong Says:

    Floyd has a new nickname “Turtle”!!!! Very quick to hide in his shell mwahahahahaha! At least Clottey’s turtle defense is applied in the ring but Floyd is the real turtle!!!! He brings his house everywhere mwahahahahaha!

  42. power x Says:

    pacquiao: fighter of the decade. mayweather: ducker of the decade. need i say more?

  43. Oscar dela Hoya is a RETARD Says:

    hey gay Oscar, after declaring him the greatest in front of the public even disrespecting Ali last May 1st, where is FMJ going now? he looks smarter than you when he avoided you for a rematch & went for that 1st time retirement BS. You ODLH & GBP are sight for SORE EYES to the public now..but wait Marcos Maidana has recently made a public complaint about GBPs mismanagement..who’s next to complain? Khan? maybe..this only proves to everyone how Pacquiao made the RIGHT decision of signing(transferring) with TOP RANK instead, Manny Pacquiao would not have accomplished such a phenomenal career IF he(Pacquiao) were under the hood of GBP.

  44. jojo Says:

    It’s immaterial, let’s talk great fighters, not this alien, chicken, duck, COWard who’s he. Guys, don’t waste your time in this gay. Please…

  45. reneskie Says:

    If pacman recieved fighter of the year and fighter of the decade, Maygayweather will recieve better that pacman and we can call this as “shame of all time”.

  46. Techboy Says:


  47. jhun Says:

    Ya right, he’s just waiting till Pacquiao retires, then will brag about how Pacquiao avoided him, what a joke, pwe…..

  48. pakul Says:

    at the end of the tunnel we can now say that floyd is really dead scared of the pacman.whatever money they give him he will not fight pacquiao.before he was saying pacquiao doesnt tAKE THE 40 MIL dollar test now that pac agreed to the test he got another excuse and these floyd supporter like this writer trying to promote him but deep inside hes dead scared of the pacquiao.it could be uncle roger fantasy tale about the A-side meth that spook him.crazy family!

  49. nutcracker Says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha! been telling you people, dont waste your time on this Chicken Shit Nigger. Let’s move on to Paul Williams. We want Paul Williams vs. Pacquiao. Bob Arum, this is the fight you should be making. Pacman, don be afraid that he is taller. Test your limits. Thats what will make you the greatest, win or lose. Look, you said Yuri Foreman was too tall but you could have easily whip his ass and get your 8th world title if you fought him.

  50. Rocky Says:

    Who cares!!! Mayweather better resign permanently. True blooded Americans are ashamed to be associated with Mayweather! A certified COWARD who duck great fighters and only fight for money.

  51. make a side a wish Says:

    come ducky ducky… here’s your xylocaine…

  52. Rob Herald Says:

    Mayweather will be good in stand-up comedy. He is really a joker.

  53. robert Says:

    floyd is just scared of the FILIPINO SPITFIRE…….

  54. OrlyS Says:

    Let Floyd retire. He can see there’s no one left to fight him, who won’t WHIP HIS BUTT. Pacman, Cotto, even Berto will definitely beat him up. Let him leave with his 41-0-0 record which means NOTHING. He will be remembered as a superbly talented boxer but no heart.

  55. boxmeister Says:

    See…this really proves that despite a big sum of money, Fraud Jr is really scared and avoids Pacman because he knows it is his end and he will be embarassed inside the ring.
    Fight or no fight, Pac deserves the accolades and mentioning the Fraud in the picture is a waste of time for boxing.

  56. Ed Malagkit Says:

    Mayweather is not just afraid of Pacquiao, he’s already shaking just the thougt of climbing the ring with Manny. He knows he’ll end up in the canvass.

  57. kinshen Says:

    flody had already gone to retirement once, he only fought two fights since his comeback, 1st with a small guy of marquez and cheats the weight then 2nd to the old man and blood drained mosley which, he almost knocked down. now, he wants to do it again?! the reason here is simply “COWARDICE” which is also the same reason on his first retirement.. it is logical

  58. frans Says:

    Floys is TOTALLY SCARED OF PACQUAIO. he’s been used to fighting smaller and older opponents. Now he’s scared of pacman who’s knocking out bigger and stronger opponents . hahah . floyd got to find a better excuse than retirement.

  59. coolwaterjinx Says:

    chicken doesnt really want to fight now, because he has not accomplished blemishing’s pacman reputation. if he somehow succeeds, than that is the time he will fight. this is part of chicken mayweathers game. let us not be fooled…

  60. edgardo Says:

    It is very frustrating to hear the mouthful of Mayweather. He really make me sick, i don’t know how i could described his attitude and his upbringing, totally one of a kind.
    I have no idea really?
    He owe his fans a fight with Pacman.

  61. no fear Says:

    this family of convicts has malign the integrity of america being the land of the brave into becoming the land of COWARD because of the cowardly acts shown by gayfloyd. Worst of all, lots of americans blindly swallowed the PED urban legend story this family of convicts has feed on them. Instead of becoming wise these people were reduced to new born babe idiots.

  62. Pilosopong Tarsier Says:

    Yeah! away from the sport of [Boxing] to take care of his [Boxing] gym. yeah walk away from $40M to take care of the boxing gym. You will only buy that subterfuge if you are a floydiots

  63. The Truth Says:


  64. COWARD FLOYD Says:


    Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not a true American (he is a Feeble Minded NIGER, NIGER, NIGER…!) He is just a half-cooked american. WHAY IS THAT? AMERICA is the land of the free & home of the brave…Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a great COWARD NIGER. He should live in America no more because he is not brave, but because he is a “COWARD”. Floyd Mayweather Jr. should be denounced of his American citizenship because he is a disgrace to his country & the american people for displaying his COWARDICE ACTS – a very bad example for America’s future generations. He should live somewhere in a planet called…“AFRECOW” – “the land of the Freak & home of the Cowards”.

    GO TO WHERE YOU BELONG, FLOYD COWARD NIGER!!! By the way, don’t forget to bring with you your whole “MAYWEATHER Steroid & PED Family”.

  65. chakyun Says:

    I wonder how much more abuse of words and insults Mayweather can take than accepts this fight and silence his critics. I wonder what stopping this guy? Is he really that scared or just want to be different? Now if it´s true that Mayweather will retire as reported or as he stated before, whether Mayweather-Pacquiao may happen or not, no matter how you say it, seems only Pacquiaos name sends him to retirement.Is early retirement without fighting Pacquiao his answers to all his fans who stood by him? There is Mayweathers legacy, he must be proud with his accomplishment.

  66. knee grow Says:

    another excuses, Make a wish foundation what the heck.

  67. Mon Says:

    There’s no doubt now that Floyd is the best coward fighter in the history of boxing. that is why he will never get the fighter of the year or fighter of the decade awards. NO way!

  68. Hamd Salshudin Says:

    Mayweather country national Anthem. . . . . .

    Hey men can you see . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .
    . . . and the land of the freak and the home of drug addict

  69. erns Says:

    well… it seems he cant find anymore excuses so he is doing what a coward does. duck and run pretending he’s got huge money from mosley fight and now he’s gonna sit around for a year… hahaha, what a stupid excuse. well, here you see now the real floyd jr, a chicken just hatched out of his eggs… he will never face manny inside the ring.

  70. Wacky Jabber Says:

    Ricky Hatton and Oscar de la Hoya retired after Manny Pacquiao demolished them in the ring. Floyd Mayweather Jr. retired after knowing the boxing fans want him to fight Pacquiao and no one else. Is “The Chimp”, Monkey May afraid of Pacquiao? YES! Without a doubt.
    The writer of this article and his unnamed sources (secret emails from Ted Atlas perhaps) are part of Kevin Iole’s “elite” boxing writers who decided that a gutless chicken should be the #1 P4P boxer.

  71. AC Says:

    No doubt Mayweather is a great boxer. He might even beat Pacquaio if they fight. But this dude is chicken shit to risk his undefeated record.

  72. VPC Says:

    Floyd will take a leave to have a sex transplant that’s what the doctor says to him that it will take probably 2 years to heal.

  73. ayn Says:

    no 1 pound for pound boxer is scared! what a loser!


    a coward is a coward is a coward is a coward is a coward is a coward……..

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